quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012

Because maybe...

Wonderwall was echoing in John’s ears for the nineteenth time. Oasis’ verses had never made more sense. The fourth hour of the night had been long gone but still there was not the slightest trace of clarity in the horizon. The Moon was saying her goodbyes behind the tall buildings. The waves sounding indefectibly indifferent. His thoughts sounding dazedly different…

He kept on walking and mapping his numerous mishandled ellipses and a single placeless, as well as answerless, question mark. There was no use in screaming silent sighs for eyes that would never listen. Nevertheless it is all but unbearable to heart-shelter something that makes no sense in your head. Still, he heard, making sense in this life is all about making no sense at all.

John’s eyes, once color-blinded, had been presented to a whimsical watercolor. However, he was now almost drowning in shades of grey and hoping that things would get back to black and white.

Voices tell him that his bittersweet nigh-tragedy will not ask for absolution. Despite all that he has still got a melody inside of him looking for solution… a handful of fake future memories he had created in which he could see nothing but a happy ending. But there is no such thing. So he keeps on walking, hoping for the dawn to break on the horizon…

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  1. I find it simply beautiful how you find the right words and turn them into perfect things EVERY SINGLE TIME. Fantastic reading! You just told a full episode of my life over there. Superb! Loved it! Congratz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Heeyy! And who should I thank for such nice words? You forgot to sign your comment :P

  2. "So he keeps on walking, hoping for the dawn to break on the horizon…"

    A beautiful frase !

    Tc my friend. <3